Our patients reviews

Dr. Barbieri is the best. I’ve bee a patient of hers for many years. She is extremely knowledgeable and provides the best combination of both modern and holistic methods. She is kind, caring, thorough, and does not rush the appointment. I highly recommend Dr. Anna Barbieri.

Elizabeth S
I appreciate Dr. Barbieri and her dedicated staff and have been her patient for years. She is thorough, knowledgeable and truly takes the time to create a customized visit tailored to my individual needs. I trust her advice and appreciate the integrative approach she uses to help me navigate the changes inherent in middle-age.

Hope B.
Being under Dr. Barbieri's care is always a pleasure. It is very rare to find doctors who are attuned and validating to what a patient is saying and she is just that. I always leave her office feeling heard, validated, and cared for. The educational information is clear and valuable, helping me to make a self-informed decision about my health. Her authentic presence makes it easy to talk to her about sensitive matters. So happy to have found this practice.

Lisa Marie R.
This is a warm, beautiful, inviting Office. Dr. Barbieri is exactly the same. She makes me feel so comfortable. I have complete confidence in her knowledge and expertise. She is extremely thorough and gentle and informative. When I leave there, I feel like she addressed all my issues, all my concerns and takes complete care of me. I would and do recommend Dr Barberi to all the women I know.

Dorothy H.
Dr. Barbieri was so informative during our visit! She called to follow up with test results and took time to explain what they meant. She was caring and understanding and really listened. She explained the pros and cons of different treatments and was very very sympathetic. I am so glad I switched to her practice from my previous doctor.

Bridget B.
I have had a very good experience with Dr. Barbieri as my GYN (I did not join her practice until after I was done having children so I can't speak to the OB aspects of the practice). She is personable, asks questions, was not dismissive of my concerns (followed up on them), and explained what she was doing as she was doing it in the exams.

Jennifer T.
Dr. Barbieri is the quintessential doctor: thorough, compassionate, attentive, and holistic in her approach! My entire visit, from the from door through leaving (in less than 1 hour, including completing all forms), was pleasant and comfortable!

Wendy W.
I have been a patient of Dr. Anna Barbieri's for 10+ years. She has heard and diagnosed every complaint, been cautious when needed and pursued issues when necessary with appropriate care. I would recommend her highly to anyone seeking gynecological care.

Emily M.

Lovely, attentive and deeply nurturing experience. Dr. Barbieri gives excellent and comprehensive medical care.

Sharon G. | Sep 18, 2023

Dr. Barbieri is the best. I've been with her since 2003, and I hope to continue seeing her as long as my insurance allows it.

Natalie M. | Sep 12, 2023

Being a patient at this practice feels like you’re with not only an excellent doctor but with a really good girlfriend so the comfort level is super high and all concerns can be addressed in the best possible way…..and her staff are all warm and sweet as well. In a word Awesome!

Dorothy H. | Sep 12, 2023

Session was great. So good to meet Dr. Barbieri in person. One aftermath is that I took you confirming that my next radiology appointment was at 15th street, that that's where the referral was sent. Instead when I got there, they had nothing and Stephanie had a lot on her plate to get it to them on the spot. Was delayed by 30 minutes and was late for my next meeting with a client. Maybe you can put in place a confirmation step when it comes to upcoming appointments, internal to you and through partners? Just a thought. Many thanks...

Robin Y. | Sep 11, 2023