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  •  How are you different from a typical gynecology practice?


Unfortunately, today’s medical care is often fragmented and impersonal.  We strive to be different by offering truly personalized, individual care that rests on enough time and care to develop a true patient/doctor partnership that can help you get healthy and stay healthy.  Through our more holistic practice you get the benefit of both Western approaches like medication and surgery, and other tools such as nutrition and mind-body tools, to treat you as a WHOLE person, being assured that we use research and data along with your individual situation to come up with the best strategy.   More time.  More tools.  More care of YOU. 



  •  Do you accept insurance?


After practicing for almost 20 years within the in-network system, Dr. Barbieri has decided to leave it in order to provide more personal and extensive care that does not fit into the average 10 minutes a doctor spends with the patient currently.   We do accept one plan on an in network basis called UHC/UMR that is available to employees of the Mount Sinai Medical Center, but are considered out-of-network otherwise. 


We do help you navigate reimbursement however - at the end of the visit we will provide you with the appropriate codes and receipts for submission to your insurance company.  For many plans with out of network benefits, you can get reimbursement up to 60-80% of the fee once the annual deductible has been satisfied.   Please check with your insurance company as they differ as far as this type of coverage. 


  •   What is the cost of the first visit? Annual visit?


 We believe in cost transparency.   The cost of the first visit is $695, and you are scheduled for the full hour.   If there is bloodwork /hormonal panels requiring follow up for results and care management (such as hormone related visits) , there is an additional fee of $100 charged at that time; this is usually a virtual visit.   Annual visits and extended (30 min) office visits are $425 and previous patients of Dr. Barbieri are considered established patients of the practice from a billing perspective.   Office procedures may incur additional cost but that is always discussed with you prior.   If you prefer to obtain the procedure from an in network provider, we can facilitate that and your care would in no way be affected.   We do not charge for routine blood draws, and we strive to send your tests to in network  labs such as Labcorp or Quest whenever possible.   We do use specialized labs, such as Dutch or ZRT, only when needed, and their cost would be discussed with you in advance.  The cost of the specialty non-covered labs is billed directly by the lab to the patient.   


  •  Do you charge a cancellation fee?


Out of respect for everyone’s time, we do request that you notify us at least  24 hours in advance of your visit of any cancellations.   A visit cancelled less than 24 hours prior would incur aa $150 cancellation fee. 


  • Do you sell supplements? 


We do not sell supplements.  Additionally, Dr. Barbieri is not a paid consultant or part owner of any supplement companies; supplement recommendations are based on our assessment of their efficacy based on available evidence, the quality of the manufacturer, and attention to cost.  As a convenience to our patients, the practice uses Fullscript, an online virtual supplement dispensary of vetted medical grade supplements, to recommend different supplement products when appropriate.  You are never obligated to purchase from Fullscript and can rest assured that your care would not be impacted by the decision. We do find that Fullscript  prices are often  lower than retail and fall within HSA and FSA qualified products.   


  •  How do I make an appointment?


To schedule your appointment, please call us at 212-300-9862 or email hello@annabarbieri-md.com .   You can also schedule directly on the website (coming soon).


See you soon!