Alenka Ravnik, RD, CDN

About Alenka Ravnik, RD, CDN

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in Upper East Site, New York

Alenka Ravnik is a passionate advocate for food-as-medicine philosophy and is an integral part of the practice, collaborating with Dr. Barbieri on patient care for over 15 years. An international expert in the field of integrative nutrition, Alenka helps make food an essential part of health through personalized, realistic and long term, sustainable advice and support.  Working together, Alenka and Dr. Barbieri are helping women achieve and maintain their gynecologic, metabolic and hormonal health in an effective, compassionate, and natural way.  
Originally from Argentina where she completed a Master's degree in Nutrition at the University of Buenos Aires, Alenka's additional deep experience ranges from providing personalized nutritional advice to population-level educational programs through her past work with Mount Sinai Medical Center and AstraZeneca. Today, Alenka is an expert in the field of individualized nutrition, anti-inflammatory diets, glucose/blood sugar and nutrient deficiency management.